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λ (nm)Po (mW)Tc(° C)lth(mA)lop (mA)FFH (°)FFV (°)Package Style
635 nm350252006406.036TO5.6, C/CT-mount, Q-mount, CoS
3502006406.01.0C/CT-mount with FAC Lens, CoS
5002007506.036TO9, C/CT-mount, Q-mount, CoS
5002007506.01.0C/CT-mount with FAC Lens, CoS
70050014007.022TO9, C/CT-mount, Q-mount, CoS
70050014007.00.7C/CT-mount with FAC Lens, CoS
20005000850010.040CCP (array, 19 emitters, FF=10%
25005001400(10V)Fiber Coupled HHL Package (Core=105um, NA=0.22)
635154200900010.040CCP (array, 19 emitters, FF=10%
639255001400(20V)Fiber Coupled HHL Package (Core=105um, NA=0.22)
808 nm6392535021008.039TOP5.6, TO9, C/CT-mount, Q-mount, CoS
63995052008.039TO9, C/CT-mount, Q-mount, CoS
6396500420006.036CCP (array, 19 emitters, FF=30%
Disclaimer : The laser diode information summarized above is based on the respective diode manufacturer's commercial catalog and/or data sheet specifications. The data is presumed to be accurate; however, it is subject to change without notice. Orthotoronto Inc. makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information and does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. The user must refer to the manufacturers specifications for details concerning the intended application and operation, diode limitations, and safety.