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“Since 2008”

About Us | Orthotoronto Inc.

About Us

“We love tussle hard to thaw challenges and we know the ways to deliver world brand high quality laser products with fast delivery service and solutions to compliance in customer needs globally. Our vision would be your expectations."

About Us

Orthotoronto Inc. has been established in Toronto to provide it's clients high quality & prompt services with competitive price on time, on demand globally.

We are specialize in the design of customer needed laser diode products to properly ensure customers maintain healthy profits

and to maximize the impact of your industry.

We are serving globally with our competitive pricing, fast delivery service and our extensive industry knowledge in order to meet individual needs of our clients.

We are able to offer the complete and wide range of laser diode, laser module, Light emmitting diodes and photodiodes.

Our aspect of business is building a long-term supplier relationships.

Our Competitive Key Advantages

On time service, fast delivery, competitive pricing.

Expertise and applicable cost effective advices

Deliver prompt respond to your inquiries (e-mails and phone calls) via our friendly and expertise staff for your 100% satisfaction.

Provide and conduct a prompt and professional sustainable unique service.

Our Mission

The mission of Orthotoronto Inc. is to be leading supplier of laser diodes, laser modules, Light emitting diodes and photo diodes to the industries and specific equipment designers.


Our Values

Prompt response to the client inquiries. Providing the professional, expertise competitive pricing which is practical, reasonable and cost effective.


Our Expertice

Orthotoronto has expertices in the following photonic products with highly-skilled sales associates since 2018